New blogging identity?

I am able to access WordPress from my computer at work (not that I would do that, of course. I’m a hard worker! I swear!) Interestingly, though, I am no longer able to access my actual wordpress blog. Why? It’s rated as adult content. Seriously. Here’s the screen I get:

Please contact support if you feel this was in error. They will need the following information: 


This Websense category is filtered: Sex.


What the hell? Obviously, I can’t contact the support desk. What would I say? “Dude! Let me read my motherf*cking blog while I’m supposed to be working! Sheesh!” And really I’m just curious. I don’t believe I’ve ever once mentioned sex on this blog. I’m pretty open about a lot of things, but I’m a firm believer in the concept of what happens in the utility closet, public park, airplane bathroom bedroom stays there. I don’t mind sharing my life with the world at large, but I certainly don’t expect the same of my boyfriend. But now I feel as though the powers at be have issued a challenge. You think this is a blog about sex? FINE! I’ll make it that way!

Just kidding.

I do feel bad, though. I like to be productive while I’m at work, but I’ll admit I’m already 100% in vacation mode. Only two more nights before Vegas! I can’t wait! I’m jealous–a few of the friends we’re going with are actually leaving tonight. Lucky bastards! Speaking of lucky bastards, I read this article in the Atlantic about Don Johnson (a dude who has this whole gambling thing down to an art and is bringing Atlantic City to its knees) in hopes of learning a thing or two before I hit the casinos. I’d be okay walking home with 6 million dollars. Hell, I’m not greedy–I’d be happy with six thousand dollars.

My mania good mood continues, and I credit the weather. There’s something about sunshine, warm weather and flip flops that just works for me (a few people have recommended a litebook for future winters; I think I should perhaps just one-up them and move to a warmer climate, given the obvious impact that sun (and especially the lack thereof) has on my moods. I think I could make a go of it in Puerto Rico!) Regardless, I have no reason not to be happy right now. I’m wearing my favorite dress with my 5 inch strappy sandals, I’ve got plans for Vegas in two days and plans to find a bar with a patio tonight and enjoy a drink outside with one of my best girls. Life is good, even if I can’t read my damn blog at work.

2 thoughts on “New blogging identity?

  1. Tom says:

    I still cant picture you wearing 5 inch heels!
    I bet its the entire site…not your specific blog. Although, yeah, I do remember your blog being pretty racey. As in running type of racey. ;0


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