Tabitha at 9 months

Tabitha is nine months old today. Holy cow where does the time go? I think the biggest development since our eight month post has been…HAIR!

Momma's little redhead!

Momma’s little redhead!

My former “little cue ball” now has enough hair to mold into somewhat of a faux hawk during bath time. I love it!

Her eyelashes are still ridiculously long and her cheeks still get ridiculously, adorably pink when she’s teething (which seems to be all of the time, the poor thing, but she’s a trooper and doesn’t typically fuss about it.)

Cheeks McGee!

Cheeks McGee!

Her official nine month appointment isn’t until next week, but at a sick visit this week (another round of ear infections!), we learned that she is in the 85th percentile for height and the 98th percentile for weight (I know it’s a statistic and not a score and all that jazz, but still. A-PLUS, BITCHES!) So, chances are good she’ll be taller than her momma by the time she goes to kindergarten. I suppose that’s what happens when you marry someone who is a foot taller than you.

She is an active girl who could spend hours in her walker if we let her, or in the jumparoo at daycare. (We don’t have one at home, but she seems to think mommy and daddy serve the same purpose. She was jumping up and down on me so much earlier this week I thought I broke a rib! LOL.) She wakes up smiling and gives the most amazing hugs (the ladies at her daycare fight over her hugs!) She’s close to crawling, has now graduated from a sleep sack at night to a blanket, and loves saying “da da da” when she’s happy, “ma ma ma” when she gets upset, and “ba ba ba” for everything in between.

Our weekend nap situation is probably less than desirable, but (knock on wood) our night-time sleeping is going well, and I hear naps are difficult for babies in daycare at this stage because there is so much going on. When she moves up to the next room, they have a specific schedule and I’m told naps will come a lot easier. In the infant 1 room, it’s pretty much a baby free-for-all. Who wants to sleep when there are so many awesome toys to be chewed??

She is, quite simply, my everything. I love her. I love her. I love her. Words can not express how blessed Neal and I feel to have her in our lives. I look a little tired in this picture, and maybe I am, but she absolutely without a doubt makes my life worthwhile. Happy nine month birthday, my sweet pea; momma loves you.

Momma and her best girl

Momma and her best girl


One thought on “Tabitha at 9 months

  1. Sue says:

    She truly is an amazing little lady – but, then, you are a pretty amazing “big lady” yourself. I imagine that last Mother’s Day you had no inkling how different your world would be a year hence. And, by the way, Grandma just happened to be in Barnes & Noble, and could not resist baby books. So, please tell Lady T to watch for a small package. I did not get her the Jane Austen tote bag, but it was tempting….


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