Have I told you?

Have I told you that…

  • The Sweet Pea is crawling? Crawling! And pretty much the second she started to crawl she began to get frustrated because she’s still unable to walk. I suspect she won’t be happy until she’s running. (A girl after my own heart…) It’s such a joy watching her navigate her environment, despite the fact that she (like all the newly-mobile, I suppose) manages to avoid the sanctioned cushions, toys and stuffed animals and instead heads straight for the one outlet we failed to cover, or the one cord we naively left exposed.
  • How much she loves watching me blow bubbles in the pool? We joined a community pool this summer and have been going every weekend. This past weekend, I tried teaching her how to blow bubbles in the water and she thought it was hilarious. She threw her head back laughing as if to say, “Oh, Mommy! You need to take this ish on TOUR!”
  • We survived the great illness of 2014? Seriously, it feels like the hubs and I were sick for a solid month. Bronchitis kicks my ass. If I lived a century or so ago, the doctors might have sent me to convalesce in the mountains somewhere and I could lay around all day coughing delicately in my lace handkerchief and sipping lemonade. Instead, I got to go to work and try to croak through “Goodnight Moon” without making the baby cry because of my bark-like cough. But, knock on wood, I think all of our nasty germs are on their way out!
  • I just finished reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics and COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN? It took me a while to get into it but then I became obsessed. Now I’m disappointed because I don’t have a book in the queue that will be nearly as good.

Life has been busy, but good (despite the bronchitis, even though I’ll admit I was a tad melodramatic at times and would surround myself with tissues and inhalers and mucinex while begging the hubs to JUST KILL ME NOW ALREADY.) The Sweet Pea is perfect. I would go so far as to say work hasn’t been all that bad and I can’t even complain about the commute since I’m able to do so much reading. We have a beach vacation to look forward to and a first birthday party to plan. What could be better?

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